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Events communications: Market trends for mid-September 2011
 A rather positive state of play!
It was during a greatly awaited conference, on Wednesday 21st September at the IFM (International French travel Market) that the President and CEO of Denis&Co and administrator of the Anaé, Gérard Denis, presented the results of the Anaé's Flash Barometer.

This quarterly survey, performed between the 7th and the 16th September 2011 within 40 agencies, delivers the market trends in events communications for this fall.

We thereby learn that in these difficult times for advertisers, around 75% of the Anaé's agencies consider the situation for the events market to be positive. The profession has not noticed any delays or cancellations of events as had occurred in September 2008, after the summer's subprime crisis. In addition 50% of the agencies questioned even predict a growth in their business in the next few months.

It seems, therefore, that the 2008 - 2009 crisis has had a pedagogical effect on the manner in which we apprehend events communications during crisis periods and on the importance of maintaining, and perhaps even increasing, the frequency of events. As proof, the internal events are those which have the wind in their sails.

Over 40% of the agencies have also seen the number of invitations to tender increase: + 5.6% since September 2010.

Finally, 65% of the agencies note a significant reduction of the time between the brief and the date of the event. This time has been halved and occasionally divided by three in the last four years.

 March 2011 / The engines of the event
"While business tourism must be considerably cautious regarding its own future in spite of the encouraging numbers in the survey realised by Bedouk Meeting & Events Media et Coach Omnium (...), the sector for events communications has legitimate reasons to feel reassured. After 2009 was marked by the decrease in 13.5% of the turnover of the 635 agencies (after analysis of their statement of accounts), 2010 is characterised by a revival of activity in almost all industries. "Of course, it is only question here of a rough and approximated analysis, until we are able to study the results of the concerned period", reminds Gérard Denis, President of the agency Denis&Co and administrator of the Anaé, in charge of the sector studies of the association. "But experience demonstrates that each time, the results obtained were in line with the reality of the market." Globally, it appears that the industries which traditionally drive the market remain the same - Finance / Banking / Insurance, Industry, Trade and Retail, Chemistry / Pharmacy / Cosmetics - however to a considerable difference nonetheless: while the first three are again on the rise, the last is down a large amount (-12.5%) and has shifted from 38% in 2009 to 25.5% in 2010." (...) By Valéry Pothain

 February 2011 / Recovery of the market in the events sector
"2010, marked by a certain recovery, has allowed to regain lost ground", assesses Gérard Denis, CEO of Denis&Co and administrator of the Association for Events Communications Agencies (ANAé). Turnover for events communications agencies had decreased by 13.5% in 2009 compared to 2008. According to the survey led by the ANAé and Bedouk Meetings & Events Media, finance, banking and insurance (the three largest organisers) are the industries in marked progression, ahead of industry, then trade and retail. Chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetics, traditional pillars of the events industry, are in decline" (...) By Martine Robert

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