Our values

 Staying within budgets
 Delivering on time and according to schedule
 Understanding client issues
 Reliable and trustworthy
 An Environmentally- and Socially-Responsible Approach

Denis&Co is an independent agency operating on a human scale. We are responsive, flexible and reliable - constantly searching for creative solutions and new logistic and technical means

At Denis&Co, we are committed to Sustainable Development.
Inside the agency, we work hard to reduce our consumption of paper, water, and energy; recycling has become a habit.
For our clients, we do everything possible to find suppliers and service-providers who share our commitment to the environment and to use techniques and services with as little environmental impact as possible.

Our long-term experience and our day-to-day actions are all intended to make our work less harmful to the environment, while continuing to provide fair and professional solutions to our clients’ needs.

The Agency has all the necessary guarantees

 ANAé member
 Public Entertainment Licence - 2nd and 3rd categories
 Over 1200 productions and 90 awards received during international festival over the past 25 years
 CNC film producer licence n° PS 7457 and IE 5875
 APST member
 SNAV member
 Professional Civil Liability Insurance 10 000 000 Euros

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Groupe Denis&Co - 10, Rue de la Rochefoucauld 92100 Boulogne - France - Tél. : +33 1 41 86 22 50 - groupe@denis-co.fr